My name is Kelly Jo, and Cosmetology is my life. I am 24, extremly blessed to be as talented as I am, but I also realize Hair dressing is about learning forever. The work you will see on this page both work I have done myself and/or work I admire. If you see "MODEL:" or "KJK" under any of my entries you are looking at copy of my own styling :) Enjoy!

..."It’s the little moments in the salon that grab my heart, burrow into my soul, and change my life, forever. Memories are created, never owned…but I voted it’s time to share them to you. My memories, of my life, on the cutting edge. It takes years to see the results that you have spent your whole life dreaming of…but I was to give anyone a chance to be apart of the ones I’ve made so far."

One of my favorite feelings in the world…

When I get inspired to do a persons hair, I think about the cut until the day I actually get to do it! - From the MOMENT I meet to the MOMENT I finally do their hair - I think about every detail, shape and design. BLISS!!!!


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